Digitize your ordering process

Upgrade your business with Switzerland’s #1 mobile ordering solution.

Digitize with bravo

With a mobile app for your customers, that is as easy to use as WhatsApp!
Give your customers an app they love

Your customers can order with you through the bravo app day and night. Easily resolve customer questions and issues through the bravo chat function.

Take control of the ordering chaos

Eliminate hours of processing voice mails, phone or fax orders. Receive all your orders through bravo and cut down on re-deliveries due to misunderstandings.

Get started in no time

No apps, installations or IT projects required! bravo is set up in days, not months. bravo sends all orders and messages to your email inbox, but can also integrate with your ERP to fully automate the ordering process.

See what our users have to say

How does bravo work?

Customer orders

Your customer orders from the range of your products using the bravo app.


You receive the order

You instantly receive the order from the customer in your email inbox or directly to your ERP.

Confirm Order

You can confirm orders in one click and chat with your customers by responding to the email - all in one place. No need to call to confirm or add notes.


We integrated to your website and favourite apps.

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What our users say about us

Our customers love bravo because it is so easy to use and allows them to order from the storage room, kitchen or the way home. The chat function is great because it adds a personal touch, which is important to us.
And bravo is saving us a lot of time in processing orders. bravo is making life easier for us and our customers.

Tiziano Marinello
Owner, Marinello + Co AG

bravo is really easy to use, now everyone on the team orders with the app.

Dario Lombardi
General Manager, Rosaly's

With bravo, ordering is faster. And I can always see, what my souschef ordered.

Head Chef, Camino

bravo is more than order management

Increase your revenue with bravo

With the bravo catalog feature, your customers can directly search your entire product catalog.

This way, customers discover new products and can immediately see if you carry an item.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

How much does bravo cost?

Our ‘bravo basic’ package is free to use for both you and your customers. With ‘bravo basic’ your customers can place orders with the app and you will receive them to your e-mail inbox.
Our ‘bravo shop’ package provides additional features to turn bravo into a mobile shop solution with your full range of products. Contact us for a personalized quote.

How long does it take to start using bravo?

It takes less than a week to start using bravo with your customers and receive your orders digitally via e-mail. If you wish to receive orders to your ERP System instead of in your e-mail inbox, bravo will work with your ERP provider to design an integration. This can take time to set up, depending on your ERP.

My customers want to use bravo, what do I need to do?

With ‘bravo basic’ you can digitize your order management for free. Contact us and we'll make sure you and your customers will get the most out of the bravo app.

As a supplier, do I need to download the bravo app?

No. When your customers use the bravo app to place orders, you receive them straight to your e-mail inbox or to your ERP. So there is no need for you or the team to learn a new process or tool.

How is bravo different from other ordering solutions?

Bravo is extremely simple to use for your customers, is made for use on mobile phones and you can get started for free with our ‘bravo basic’ offering.

Can our customers see the prices in the app?

Per default, prices are not part of the app. If you wish to show prices in the app, please contact us.

Which suppliers does my customer see in his app?

Your customers see their own suppliers in the app. One chat per supplier, similar to WhatsApp. A restaurant can set up a new chat in the app. As a supplier you can contact us to invite your customers to use bravo and get connected through a chat.

How do I chat with my customer?

Chat messages are sent directly to your e-mail inbox. You can reply to the e-mail, and it will appear as a new message in your customer’s app.